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How we choose our brands

These are the criteria we apply to choose our suppliers

Taste and ingredients

Taste and ingredients

The main selection criteria we apply to choose our products are taste and distinctive character. The product we choose for our final customer has to be a real Italian product. An Italian product starting for the ingredients, the recipes and the preparation; a really Italian product for history, tradition and procedures. Our suppliers have to produce high-quality Italian food, from high-quality ingredients on the Italian territory.
Quality and safety

Quality and safety

All our suppliers have to provide guarantees about the preparation, packaging and labelling procedures of their products. This allows us to guarantee the final distributor a selection of totally safety products, prepared in clean and equipped areas, under the European food Law general requirements.
It is exactly the same for the packaging of dry and fresh food: hygiene, safety, technology and compliance with the rules, to guarantee the delivery of the goods in perfect condition.
Production and marketing

Production and marketing

Our suppliers must have a good production capacity, in order to ensure provision even of middle-high quantity of goods, for national market and abroad. We are pleased to make an exception choosing smaller family run suppliers, if they make excellent and traditional products. Generally, we choose suppliers that can guarantee the absolute quality of the product and can also ensure continuity of supply.


We choose our suppliers for the quality and safety of their product and for their capacity to ensure continuity of supply.

  • Quality ingredients
  • Organoleptic quality
  • Food safety standards
  • Commercial/industrial quality
  • Historic brands
  • Local brands of excellence
  • Quality of origin/production chain
  • Nutritional values
  • Production capacity
  • Certifications and warranties
  • History and production method
  • Respect for the environment

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