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We have been handling direct and indirect distribution of high-quality Italian food for many years with competence and professionalism, in Italy and Asia. We manage all the distribution process, from the selection to the logistics, from the storage to the shipping, until the delivery to the final customer or to the international distribution chain. We sell dry and fresh products. Our warehouses, in Umbria-Italy and Hong Kong are equipped to manage every kind of picking, storage, weighing, tracking, and shipping.

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We use strict selection criteria to choose our suppliers: quality and uniqueness, safety and hygiene in food processing, choice of ingredients, taste, traceability of production chain, production and commercial capacity. We aim for a very high-quality standard, so that we can offer our national and international customers the best of Italian agri-food quality and safety guaranteed.
Purchase of goods

Purchase of goods

We buy directly from our suppliers, so that we have the direct supervision of the goods. Through our warehouses and our internal organisation, we can quickly buy, pick up, store goods, making them available for distribution in a short time. When we export we manage directly the logistics and custom procedures between our Italian warehouse and our Asian warehouse.


Our shipping system by air, sea and land allows us to manage every logistics detail, from pickup the goods from supplier’s and producer’s warehouses, through national and international shipping, until the custom operations


We have our own temperature-controlled warehouses to store fresh and dry food. Our warehouses have high safety standards, anti-intrusion security system, are fireproof, organised and managed directly by our Company to allow a super-fast packaging and delivery of the goods to our grocery stores or to the final customers
Distribution in Italy

Distribution in Italy

Our Company has a network of supermarkets in central Italy that allows us a direct distribution of the goods. Our chain is constantly expanding, opening new supermarkets in strategic areas where the Mass market retail circuit is not developed yet. We plan to double the number of the supermarkets in middle Italy every year.
Distribution abroad

Distribution abroad

Through our office and warehouse in Hong Kong, we distribute Italian goods to restaurants, hotel chains, groups and locals mass market retail circuits. Our headquarters in Asia allow us to distribute also in Mainland China and in South-east Asia. We plan to reach, year after year, almost all Asian Countries.

Become our partner or supplier for:

Becoming a supplier for:

  • Fresh and dry pasta
  • Dressings and Sauces
  • Preserves and creams
  • Oil and vinegar
  • Confectionery
  • Vegetables and cereals
  • Cheeses and cold cuts
  • Wines and beers
  • Mushrooms and truffles

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If you produce high-quality goods and you want to sell them in Italy and abroad, contact us to enter in our distribution network

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Goods selection

The selection of our supplier is based on the analysis of quality, production chain, raw material, safety and respect of environment.

Direct procurement of the goods

We buy directly from the producers, store in our own warehouses and directly deliver the goods to the final customer. This is our solution to increase the effectiveness of our logistics plan.

Legal and commercial advisory services

We can provide Export advisory services, guidance on packaging law, food labelling requirements, custom legislation.

Logistics and storage

Our network of shipping carriers allows us to manage the entire supply chain from pick-up the goods, storage and deliver them to the final customer/distributor.

Distribution in Italy and abroad

We ship in Italy and abroad, through our direct distribution network or through commercial partners.
  • Foligno - Italy

  • Hong Kong - Asia

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